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We are launching a new campaign to help you in your recruitment and fundraising. As you may have discovered, one of the biggest barriers to raising money for Parkinson’s causes is that a lot of people don’t realize that they have a friend or relative challenged with the disease and may not feel a connection to the cause.   This is because many patients choose to keep their disease private and to stay “in the closet,” so to speak.  My father wrote letter to me and my sisters when he was first diagnosed and it said: “Don’t tell anyone!” (with many exclamation points!!!!!) We all know someone who has cancer or heart disease and we probably know many more people with Parkinson’s than we know about! - Kathy Krumme

We would like to encourage the heroes of your teams to also Step Out and tell their stories! This can be as simple as a paragraph, a video taken on a cell phone, pictures with captions, etc.  You will be surprised by how many people will surround you with love and encouragement.

Please Step out and join the movement.Send your stories to:  ?

Susan Young, or Kathy Krumme,

Thank you so much and we look forward to being inspired by you!

Wilmers Warriors

My name is Juli Wilmers.  In September of 2013 my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.  You might think that was devastating news, but for me it wasn't as bad as I imagined.  You see, Mark's father was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 55 and he only survived 6 months.  At least with Parkinson's I knew I'd have my guy around for what I hope is a long time.  

My husband is a wonderful husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, son, brother,brother in law, uncle and friend.  He is so loved by everyone he meets.  He never forgets a face and makes everyone in the room feel like he has known them for a long time.  

When Marks' symptoms started, we really didn't pay to close of attention.  His Mother and Aunt have had small tremors for as long as I can remember and we just thought it was no big deal, but soon other symptoms started to appear.  Sense of smell was gone, depression set in, leg started shaking among a few other things.  Mark is not one to visit the doc very regularly, but I insisted he make an appointment.  Initial diagnoses was essential tremor.  I started to google this and realized this was not his illness.  We then went to the U C Gardner Center where Mark was diagnosed in under an hour.  

Yes, we were devastated.  We had been married 31 years and have 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful son-in-law, but in my mind I kept thinking, I'm still going to have my guy around.

Since the diagnoses, Mark has been very active.  Always a busy guy, but not really an exerciser,now his favorite activities are yoga and bike riding.  He works out at least 6 days a week.  He has never complained or asked, why me.  He never talks about his illness with anyone or feels sorry for himself.  He is a man with a plan and that is to keep himself as healthy as possible to fight this disease.

Please join our team, Wilmers Warriors to help spread the word and raise funds for research and patient and caregivers support.

There's Something About Mary









Stephen Clarence Hammoor. 

That’s me.  Friends call me Hamms.

Born 1964

Joe and Doris Hammoor. Mom and Pops.

Catholic. Corpus Christi grade school Roger Bacon high school .

UC Raymond Walters

33 years in the metals business. Currently VP of sales Brighton Tru Edge

Beautiful wife Becky (high school sweetheart)

4 Awesome children - Stephen, Jessica, Clifford Luke and Cori Rose

Reside in West Harrison Indiana

Blessed Blessed Blessed

Oh by the way. I have Parkinson's.

Still Blessed Blessed Blessed

January 2012. My car drumming left hand was not keeping beat with my right hand.

Started driving me nuts. I thought probably carpal tunnel. So off to my doctor I went.

Carpal tunnel diagnosis was eliminated and Cat Scan of the brain was ordered.

Diagnosed in March 2012.  Terrible first Neurologist or maybe I just didn't want to hear what he was saying.  At least I didn’t have a brain tumor!

Second opinion. May 2012 Dr Duker. Confirmed diagnosis. 

That sucks.

My wife is the best. She is my rock, she is my foundation.

She is my supporter and motivator. She takes care of me.  Did I say She is the Best.

But then I started in PPMI study and met Dr Espay and his wonderful wife Kristy.  Love these folks.

Blessed Blessed Blessed

So many questions. Who do you tell. When to do it. How to do it.

Who first?

Well, Family first.

Great idea. Apply for lottery entry into New York Marathon.

The Dear Lord blessed me with the golden ticket. This will be a great venue to tell the children. November 4, 2014 in Manhattan New York right after completing the 26.2.  Lig.

Well not all plans work out.  We couldn't get all the kiddos to New York that weekend.

If you can ever run the New York Marathon, Do It. Unbelievable.

So, the following week, I heard myself trying to explain to our children my new life. A few tears and some questions answered; it was done.

My beautiful wife and children are such the motivators. I think I ‘m repeating, but they keep me on task and push me when I get lazy. 

Speaking of pushing, Dr. Espay has asked me to become very much involved in the Parkinson community.

So, I’m currently the Honorary Chair for the Rev It Up Parkinson bike and running event down at Sawyer Point on September 10, 2017.

I also am on the board of directors of the Parkinson’s Wellness and Support of Cincinnati.

I really can’t call my job work. Brighton/Enerfab is a fantastic employer and I have been blessed to be part of a company and family that is the leader in the industry. Brighton Rocks!

I enjoy running, fishing, taking pictures, biking, hiking, hunting, traveling with Beck and saying Cool Beans.

Thus, my team name “Cool Beans and Hamm”

So far after 5 years, I can honestly say that life is damn good.?

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