My name is Carrie and I am trying to raise $150 to help the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute have funds to continue research on finding some discoveries on how to stop people from suffering from Parkinson's disease. I will be on a team and riding my bike in a 25 K- 15 miles. This is my first time to participate in a fundraiser for research, so everything is new to me.  My grandfather and his sister both dealt with Parkinson's before they both passed away- my grandpa passed away just last year- July 27, 2017. I decided to join the fundraiser because of my grandfather Ralph Boyens.  My aunt (Thelma) was years before my grandfather, but it was hard for both of them to deal with this illness.  I want to help support research to help people who suffer from Parkinson's and hope they come up with a better way that will make dealing with the disease a little easier. You can donate a $1 or just participate in the event. Please support this event by participating, donating, or doing both! Thank you.

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