When my dad was diagnosed with a glioblastoma in February of 2015, he was given at most 10-12 weeks to live.  The UC Brain Tumor Treatment Team (along with the Duke Tisch Brain Tumor Center) made a huge difference as my dad fought this dreadful disease.  Their guidance helped our entire family get through an incredibly difficult experience.  Even though my dad lost his battle in November of 2016, he was able to see many more milestones than we originally thought.  Those bonus months and my desire to find a cure are why I am participating in the October 21st Walk Ahead event at Sawyer Point in downtown Cincinnati. I want to do whatever I can to support The UC Brain Tumor Center and its mission to find effective treatments and, eventually, a cure.  

All of our friends/family members' support helped us move forward.  If you have time and interest in participating (and are in Cincinnati - ha!), you can register online as part of our team. You go to www.walkahead.org and follow the instructions to register as part of the team: Fox's Fast Friends.  If not able to walk with us, please consider donating to this worthy cause.  



P.S. - The pic on this page was taken 13 days before my dad passed away.  It is the last picture I have of us together.  It was a beautiful day outside - we sat on the deck, eating Skyline 3-Ways.  Skyline grease stains on shirt not pictured.  Xoxo.


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