I am the very lucky son-in-law of Russ Ratterman.    I first met him 16 years ago, only a few years into his Parkinson's Disease diagnosis.  Witnessing the toll it has taken on him and the family over the past decade and half has given me a new appreciation for those I'm lucky to call my FAMILY!

      Russ being an avid card player has always said, " you play with the cards your dealt" in regards to his diagnosis and making the best of his situation.  This event means a lot to Russ and the entire family as it is a way for all our family and friends to show their support for Russ in his battle.  In the past few months the condition has worsened and walking in extremely difficult without a walker, and communication has become more labored.  We hope the support given to the Gardner Research Center will lead to improvements in life for all afflicted with this terrible disease.    

      Russ has always given back to the community, whether it was through all the various groups, sports teams, Oak HIlls School Board, local boy scouts and eagle scout projects for over three decades in unison with Western Hills Builders Supply.  NOW is our time to give back to something that can support further research that could help Russ and all others with Parkinson's Disease manage it more effectively.  

Thanks for supporting this cause,

Andrew Stallo


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