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What: 80 km bike ride on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017 for Parkinson’s Research

Dear Friends- I know it's tough to sit down at the computer and put forth a donation.  So often you are probably asked.  I understand that.  That is why I only ride for Parkinson's.  For the benefit of the UC Gardner Center Foundation.  

I do this out of love and respect for my friend, Russ Ratterman.  Over the last few months I have learned so much from the Parkinson's symposium and just witnessing the life of those suffering with Parkinson's.  I have met men and women living very full lives and all of a sudden they are afflicted with this disease. I am sure you have witnessed this too. 

My friend and yours, Russ, continues this battle you and I can only imagine. Unable to barely walk or play the game he is so passionate about~golf.  Struggling to communicate with those he loves so dearly.  This breaks my heart.  

Please take a moment out of your day and make a donation. OR, better yet, join us on September 2nd for the Mansion Man Up to Parkinson's ( (password: russ).  A fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for the UC Gardner Center. If you can't make this event...walk or run or bike with us on Sept. 10th.  

Bottom line-- please say a pray for all of those suffering and waiting and hoping for a cure.  

Thank you and God bless, YOU CAN HELP: please join me in event either by biking, walking or contributing.

 Questions: Christine 513-582-7225



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